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Gentle sloping terrain with small streams with pepper vines running on tall trees and cardamom at the lower trunks amidst them are coffee cherries of bright red colour matched by the iron-rich soil in which they grow in the wild.

Yes! Indian Coffees are grown in the Wild, hence they are entirely shade grown. A walk in these semi-forest rich with biodiversity reveals their high-pitched noises may sound like a baby crying or a cat meowing shrilly. They can also elicit a honking noise, which is also quite loud is none other than a peacock and not too late reveals the rhythmic drumbeat of the woodpecker perched on the trees. So we called them "WoodiPeck's".

Woodpecker’s coffee has been growing the India’s finest coffee since 1935 in Sakleshpura, Karnataka which is nestled in the most glorious and elusive Western Ghats which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight "hottest hotspots" of biological diversity in the world.

Some more interesting coffees that we grow at the eastern ghats of India. Yes Eastern Ghats, these are small farm holders mostly Tribal farmers who grow only Arabica in the most Natural and Ecologically sustainable way, with less or no use of Chemical fertilizers.


Some of farmers produce is also Certified Organic for Coffee, Pepper and turmeric (high % of Curcumin).


The interesting thing here is land is owned by the Government and the right to use is given to the Tribal people which they use to cultivate coffee, even today they depend mostly on rains to water the crops. We as coffee professionals have trained them on best practices of cultivation, washing and drying. This coffee is famous world over in the name of Araku (thanks to the cafe in Paris, France). 

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To put "woodipecks" coffee on every dinning table.

Supporting Coffee farmers get fair price


To provide fresh coffees on every order 

Prashanth Nagaraj
Managing Partner 

•Software Professional by Education, Worked in IT MNC’s for 10+ years in diverse work locations in India, USA and Europe

•Consultant for Coffee and Cocoa Private Labels and Exports

•Represented Indian Coffee across the globe in various trade shows in Germany, Belgium, France, Ukraine, UAE, Japan, South Korea, China and Russia

•Supports FPO’s in Tribal Coffee growing areas of Araku Valley, Paderu and Chintapalli.

•Advisory for Export documentations, Blend Creation, packing design and marketing.

•Mentor at Atal Incubation Center-Central Coffee Research Institute-Center for Entrepreneurship Development (AIC CCRI CED)

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