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About Black Coffee

Black coffee is beverage made hot or cold made with ground coffee beans and water. Some people prefer adding sugar, milk or both to their concoction, but in general the preference of some people is black coffee without any additives.

Health benefits of black coffee

Black coffee is a perfect Zero in Nutrition value

0% fat

0% cholesterol

0% sodium

0% sugar

0% carbohydrates

If you love black coffee you will be happy to know that it can heal if consumed the right way. Yes, Drinking black coffee has numerous health benefits both for your body and your mind, as it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. Let’s have a look at some of the most important health benefits of drinking black coffee.

Cardio-vascular health (Heart)

Improves Memory

May prevent cancer

Good for Liver

Cleans your stomach

Helps in Weight loss

How to make Black Coffee?


1. Pure Coffee (without chicory) buy here

2. Hot Water 250ml

3. Strainer or Filter paper or brewing equipment

Steps to make 1 cup of black coffee 200ml :-

Always remember never pour boiling hot water on Coffee it is going to burn and give you burnt taste.

HINT:- While the water is about to boil you can see small bubbles around the pot which you are using to heat water, once you see those bubble stop heat.

  1. Take hot water in a pan around 250ml, just while it is forming bubbles at the bottom

  2. Add 3 spoons of Pure Coffee

  3. Leave it for a 1 - 2 minutes and stop heat

  4. Mix well

  5. Use Strainer and pour the concoction

  6. Do not squeeze or press down let gravity do the job

  7. Enjoy your Hot cup of Coffee

  8. DO NOT ADD SUGAR, MILK or ANY ADDITIVIES. (This is black coffee)

If you have any brewing equipment please follow the instructions as per the make.


Note: these are studies from various sources on Internet and "Woodi Peck's" has not conducted any clinical trials on the above post.


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