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Learn the perfect art of coffee making from farm to cup, available online, offline and 1-2-1 (personal consultation) too

Green Coffee selection

Green coffee course will help you with skills that are relevant to evaluation, trading, and handling of green coffee beans.
In this course you will learn about botany of coffea plant, coffee farming/Nursery, processing (wet/dry), what happens in Curing works, storage, transport, import/Export and more.


In this courses you will learn about a numerous ways you can brew coffee and also helps you understand the brewing parameters that affect quality. This is a Offline training where you learn about grind sizes, brewing methods, and coffee extraction techniques.


In this Roasting modules we teach you about the roasting process which includes different roasting machines, roast cycle, roast profiles, identifying defects, the physical changes that beans undergo during the roasting process.

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