• If you love south Indian filter coffee then woodi pecks premium coffee powder is for you. This filter coffee powder comes with a unique aroma and strength in every cup.
  • Woodi pecks coffee is ground and packed only after the order is placed, contains 60% fresh ground coffee with 40% chicory
  • Brew: Suited for traditional Indian filter since it contains chicory
  • Storage: Please store the contents of this pack in a cool, air-tight container and consume within 30 days of opening for best results.
  • No preservatives added; Note: This is not ready-to-drink instant coffee. Does not contain sugar or milk or milk solids. Contains fresh ground blended coffee with 40% chicory.; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Shelf Life: 9 Months; Total Weight: 250 gm; Package Contents: 250 gm of Coffee Powder

Filter coffee powder 60/40 - 250g

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