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Coffee directly from planters to consumer's

Araku Valley and Biligiri Hills

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Truly Great Coffee

The Best coffees are the ones that satisfy more than just the caffeine cravings!
Ethically sourced, straight from the heart of the Araku Valley and Bilgiri Hills, our range of Tribal Coffees tingle your olfactory senses to make every cup of the brew an unforgettable experience. As you pour yourself a cup, the fuller body of the coffee is a treat to the eyes. The aroma of the fresh brew enamours your sense of smell. The mild fruity notes in the flavors, retained from the origin of the beans, delight your taste buds.

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Why does ethical
coffee matter?

Produced and processed by the tribes of the Araku Valley and Bilgiri, this Arabica coffee is grown in the natural ecosystem of the forested farms of the valleys. Given the natural ingredients and methods used, every cup of coffee is packed with the distinct flavor and rich antioxidants.

The Araku Valley coffee farmers are supported under the Sustainable Livelihoods for Smallholder Farmers program implemented by non-profit TechnoServe through grant funding support by the Walmart Foundation. 

The premium-quality beans, brought to you from farm to cup, are a result of the extraordinary mix of traditional farming practices of the tribal farmers and the new-age farming techniques. 
WoodiPeck’s coffee aims to delight the coffee lovers with nothing but the best, and tribal coffees are better than the best that you’ve had yet!

 The coffees marked as Tribal Coffee's are produced by tribal farmers in the South Indian states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in India. The 2 most prominent places where coffee's are grown by tribal farmers are Biligiris in Karnataka and Araku in Andhra Pradesh.

Araku is already very popular all over the world, Biligiri's is fast catching up in the minds of coffee connoisseurs for it's unique cup taste.

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Sustainable coffee cultivation

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