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Do you drink Coffee or Chicory

Coffee's to get you started, Coffee's that get you thinking, Coffee's to keep you active. Coffee's to chat, share, enjoy, discuss, negotiate, fun.... list goes on. What an amazing drink it is that you can enjoy any time of the day.

Today there are lot's of coffee's to choose from depending on what price range to brands to gourmet coffee's to DIY

How are we different and why drink our coffee?

First a bit of history...

Coffee's in India are consumed a little differently than the rest of the world (We are changing too), there is an uniqueness from start to end. What's that? In India mostly coffee aka filter coffee aka south Indian filter coffee has Chicory in it (read it mostly) YUP! which is used to give strength to the cup and a hint of after taste "bitter" which we call it STRONG coffee and reduce the price shhh!. But WHY?

This concept of adding chicory came into existence when there was shortage of coffee's in India as exports were going on in full swing and price of coffee was getting steep. To keep it low government regulated that certain percentage of chicory is allowed, lots of debate on this number, as per my knowledge it is 49% Chicory. (Every time you buy it check the pack for ingredients some of them even have 100% pure coffee too) So now the ground coffee has chicory in it and it is brewed using a percolator or a south Indian filter,

To this extracted liqueur hot milk with froth and sugar is added and that's South Indian filter coffee for you SLURP....

Filter kaapi
Filter Kaapi

The rules of this coffee blending game changes quite a bit since Chicory comes in to picture, unlike just Plantations (arabica) and Robusta's. In traditional areas where coffee is consumed on high quantity the terms are something like 80-20, 70-30, 60-40... is quite common which means the higher part is coffee and later Chicory. Since we are a price conscious country big players and dominant ones use this to win people by giving coffee's at less cost simple :)

To awake people and give people the kind of coffee they want is what we at "Woodi Peck's" try to delivery so that people enjoy drinking coffee as opposed to Chicory. Why? Because the solubility of chicory is much more than solubility coffee. But if you want more chicory we will do that as well but only if you want it, we believe in giving what you want (but upto 49% only)

The promise of adding the said quantity of chicory and keeping the price to an affordable level is what we aim to provide at "woodi Peck's".

Take a look at our website to get the gimps of my 3 most amazing coffee blends PLUSH, SUPREME and PREMIUM all these are pure coffee's to which we can add chicory to your required percentage and deliver. As of now we are delivery in India only, for outside of India please email us your requirement even if it small so that we can work out the logistics part and send it. email ID - we have roasted beans too, oh we have green beans as well.

So next time you go coffee shopping, check the pack for ingredients, else just shop with us. Cant wait till you go shopping run to Kitchen and check the pack now :)

This post is just to educate people and coffee lovers and not to demean any brand.

Please feel free to comment, like, share. We are looking for association within India and outside as well. email us for a fruitful partnership

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