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Try BLACK and you will never go BACK

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Why black coffee or why not black coffee?

Remember coffee is a beverage of choice which means everyone loves coffee their way.

SUPREME also called as the black coffee delight (BCD) has been in Indian market since 2015 and one of the most popular coffee.

This coffee is crafted to please the connoisseur in you with the best beans from the known farms and roasted to perfection to give that intense aroma and smooth liquor in every cup as you gear up for a head start every morning.

Black coffee is also widely used as a pre-work out drink to give you that additional kick to stay alert and motivates you for another round.

While you drink black stay away from Sugar and since it is black it also Vegan as you don't add any milk

Lot of people say black coffee is bitter and taste disgusting, let me tell you what makes coffee disgusting is adding sugar to it. Let me tell you coffee is bitter true but why so many people all over the world drink it and mostly black. While drinking black coffee try to look beyond BITTER, look for some sweet or citrusy feel at the side of mid tongue region.

Initially it might be a little tough but as you get to look beyond the bitter you will feel lot many tastes in your tongue.

Once you leave milk and Sugar in coffee you will not only enjoy coffee better you also feel healthy.

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