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Throughout the history of the existence of coffee, this beverages is know for it's rich aroma and nuanced flavors. This magic drink have been the key element of delightfully consuming ritual for millions of people every single day all over the world.

Many names and one Beverage - COFFEE

We have covered the translation for coffee in different languages all over the world.

  • Chinese: 咖啡 (Kāfēi)

  • Malay: Kopi

  • French: Café

  • German: Kaffee

  • Japanese: コーヒー (Kōhī)

  • Korean: 커피 (Keopi)

  • Portuguese: Café

  • Russian: Кофе (Kofe)

  • Spanish: Café

  • Afrikaans: Koffie

  • Dutch: Koffie

  • Finnish: Kahvi

  • Greek: Καφές (Kafés)

  • Hindi: कॉफ़ी (Kofee)

  • Icelandic: Kaffi

  • Romanian: Cafea

  • Swedish: Kaffe

It is commonly circulated in many coffee educational series but unproven story about KALDI - a Sheep/goat herder. He once observed the goats in the herd chewing coffee berries, getting excited, running around and fighting with each other.

Illustration of a Sheep/Goat Header

Kaldi in his good judgment thought the goats that had chewed coffee fruits had helped them feel energized. Kaldi took the cherries to a local monastery where the monks also tasted the berry and found it interesting. From there the coffee goes into various modes of consumptions like eating raw, pounding a bunch of berries to make a ball, cooking with other foods etc. Once accidentally beans fell into the fire place where everyone had gather and could not take it out as the fire was raging. Once it cooled down few people took these burnt berries and tried to eat and liked it much more than the raw beans.

This gave raise to the Concept of Roasting Coffee beans and there rest is History.

Illustration of people gather around a fire place.

This story has proven to be the birthplace of coffee likely to be in Ethiopia as the very word (coffee) sounds similar to the Kaffa region of Ethiopia, making history defy admit that the term coffee originated there.

If you know any other version of this story please feel free to comment below.

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